Creating Happy, Healthy Smiles – One Child at a Time!

You want the best for your children: full and happy lives, success in all they set out to do, and health — healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthy smiles.

At Conroe Pediatric Dentistry, we want the same!

Dr. Brad Harris and our team are dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing dental environment where children feel at home. Our goal is to establish continuing generations of patients who are:

  1. Educated about proper oral care and dental hygiene
  2. Motivated to seek preventive and restorative care, without a fear of going to the dentist

Working closely with you, providing guidance and education, we will be your partners as your little one matures into a young adult with a happy, healthy smile!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive pediatric dental services to infants, children, adolescents, and youth with special needs. We ensure a loving, caring, and friendly environment, where every patient is cared for as family.

Your child’s overall emotional and physical well-being is our number-one priority:

  • We promise to provide an enthusiastic team approach that makes your son or daughter’s dental visits memorable, with encouragement and positive reinforcement of healthy behavior.
  • We recognize the uniqueness of every youngster and understand that each child will interact differently with Dr. Harris and our team.
  • We believe it is a privilege to treat children and recognize our unique opportunity to make a difference in their dental health experience and education: laying the foundation for their perception of dentistry throughout their lives.
  • We are honored to be your youngster’s dental home.

Truly Personalized Care

Since we’re a privately-owned practice, each child’s care is determined by Dr. Harris: They are able to diagnose and treat patients based on the individual’s needs and situation, instead of treatment dictated by a healthcare company. This ensures your son or daughter will receive the ideal dental care!

This independence allows us to manage our schedule, too, so your family has plenty of time during the visit. We don’t rush through procedures, but manage our time efficiently, for the best experience, healthiest results, and happiest smiles!

Schedule an Appointment

Please contact our office for more information and schedule a visit with Dr. Harris and our team. We’re excited to welcome your family to our family, and to work with you to achieve lifetimes of happy, healthy smiles. Contact us today!

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